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Rain's Impact on Air Quality & Humidity

4 Interesting Facts About Rain

With all the rain we’ve been having here in Northeast Ohio, I thought it might be fun to learn a few interesting facts about rain.

  • Rain is not actually “drop” shaped:   Scientists have concluded that rain is not actually shaped like a teardrop.  As raindrops fall, they encounter air pressure which flattens the bottom on the drops making them look more like hamburger buns.
  • Rain does have a smell:   Some plants secrete oils during dry periods.  When it rains, the oils are released into the air giving it an aromatic scent.
  • There’s a way to get less wet in the rain:   There is controversy over whether walking or running through the rain will get you less wet.  It has been proven that the faster you run out of the rain, the drier you’ll be, regardless of the additional raindrops you run into.
  • Rain may worsen asthma:   A lot of people think the rain lessens the impact of asthma but research has shown that thunderstorms can trigger asthma.  Winds associated with thunderstorms lift pollen and mold spores.

Here in Cleveland, we’ve been dealing with a lot of rain and the humidity has been high making it very uncomfortable.  Make sure your air conditioning system is working properly to keep your home comfortable.  Whether it’s a repair, maintenance or replacement, call Verne & Ellsworth Hann.

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