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Cleveland Radiator Repair

A common heating system for an older home in the Greater Cleveland area is a boiler and radiator system. There have been many innovations in radiator systems over the years. Regardless of what type of system is in your home, annual preventative maintenance will help extend its life. If you are experiencing a problem with your heating system, then you should reach out to a local heating company. The heating experts at Verne & Ellsworth Hann are certified in comprehensive radiator repair, installation and maintenance services.

You may experience several common problems with radiators.

  • The radiator may start leaking water
  • There maybe be rust building up on the outside of the radiator
  • Rust or sludge may be building up on the inside of the radiator, this may cause the water flow to become obstructed
  • The radiator may start making a loud or unusual noise
  • The radiator may start running extremely hot
  • The radiator may start fluctuating in temperature
  • A part of the radiator may feel cold while the rest of it is hot, this may indicate that air is trapped in the radiator

Radiators come in many shapes, sizes and configurations. A “standard” radiator is a wall or floor mounted unit. These radiators have evolved over time to become more sleek and stylish. Convector radiators, also know as baseboard radiators are straight sections of copper piping outfitted with numerous thin metal plates called fins. Convectors may be mounted to a wall near the floor or set in the floor and are covered by a metal grate.

If you are experiencing problems with your radiators, give us a call. Our skilled heating technicians will be able to get your heating system up and running again.

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