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Certainly we live in challenging economic times and any opportunity to save money should not go unexamined. While some people resort to a trusted handyman to help with various projects around the home in order to balance their budget, there are some things best left to a professional.  Look at the circuit board below and ask yourself, would I be saving money by having my handyman check this out? Maybe your handyman has some limited electronics background. Maybe he read a few articles on the internet or saw a few YouTube videos and, “He thinks he can do it.” The problem is, he’s testing out his newfound skill set on a $600 circuit board. The problem is there may be dual voltages on this circuit board. The problem is he doesn’t even have the correct diagnostic tools and he accidentally fried your $600 circuit board. And it’s a hot, humid day and you’re expecting guests later that evening. Now, how much money have you saved?  Alternatively, had you chosen a certified technician with a professional skill set and equipped with the proper diagnostic tools, he might confidently inform you, “The problem isn’t the circuit board.”

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What People Are Saying

  • Verne & Ellsworth Hann has gone above and beyond for us repeatedly including giving us two salvaged cast iron radiators when our existing ones were not doing the trick.  They came back countless times when we were unable to regulate the temperature in the house until they found the perfect balance.  They’ve responded to emergencies in a matter of minutes and performed invaluable services professionally and expertly.  I cannot recommend Verne & Ellsworth Hann enough and will continue to use them and trust them with all of our home needs.  They are fantastic.

    - Tatiana D.( Cleveland Heights, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Service )
  • I usually do not write reviews but I must say that after the experience I had with Verne & Ellsworth Hann, the least I can do is let others know about it.  It is never good news to hear that your furnace is beyond repair.  I had been a participant in a home insurance program where I thought they would always send a company out to fix it no matter what.  Of course on the coldest day of 2017 I was told that it could no longer be fixed.  The company that came out left some numbers on a piece of paper and told me to call to set up an appointment for a future install.  I called another company – same thing, just numbers and a weak promise that they may be able to come out later in the month.

    When I called Verne & Ellsworth Hann, the process was completely different.  They cared about making sure I understood what my options were.  I was given a detailed explanation on three different price levels for the furnace and air conditioner.  I had questions.  They had answers.  It was an actual conversation where I did not feel at all that I was being pushed toward the highest priced option.  I was told about things that could be added on, but again no pressure.  Potential complications related to my ducting were explained.  I actually felt like I knew something about HVAC after talking to Bill Hann several times.

    Best of all, they were in a hurry to get the equipment put in my home after I decided to go with them.  From the point of my first phone call to the final installation only one week had gone by.  I recently had my entire kitchen and basement redone and never thought that work of this magnitude could get done in one week.  The crew that came into my house was kind and considerate from the first day.  Drop cloths went everywhere.  They made sure I understood what they had to do and where things would go.  My daughter was home sick and didn’t wake up once.  The new features were explained in detail.  A complimentary service plan was given.

    This will probably be the only time in my life that I will be shopping for a furnace and/or air conditioner.  I felt it was important to share with whoever is looking for services in this area – you must do yourself a favor and choose to work with Verne & Ellsworth Hann, Inc.

    - Frank V., Painsville( Furnace & Air Conditioning Installation, March 2017 )
  • The installers were very professional.  The workmanship looks excellent.  They answered the few questions I had, and the job went smoothly.  I am very pleased.

    - Kathleen C.( Cleveland Heights, Boiler Installation March 2017 )
  • I really appreciate the amount of time Bill spent going over all our options.  The installers were great and the process was painless from start to finish!

    - David G.( Cleveland Heights, Boiler Installation February 2017 )
  • Verne & Ellsworth Hann truly has a talent by hiring incredibly professional and interesting staff, particularly the A/C installers.

    - Donald K.( Cleveland Heights, Unico Installation 2017 )