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Air Conditioning Refrigerant – R-22 vs R-410A

Air conditioners use two different types of refrigerant.  Older models use R-22 and newer models use R-410A.  R-22 refrigerant is being phased out due to a revised Clean Air Act that requires all new air conditioning systems to use substances that do not deplete the ozone layer.  R-22 is still available but no manufacturer can produce this type of unit and all R-22 units must be eliminated by 2030.

They type of oil used in air conditioning compressors is also different.  The R-22 compressor uses a mineral oil, while the R-410A compressor uses a synthetic oil.  These oils cannot be mixed.  If you were to put the R-410A refrigerant into an R-22 compressor, the motor would overload and burn out causing the system to shut down.  The R-410A also has more pressure pushing through the tubes of the unit than an R-22 compressor.  This could cause the compressor tubes to burst.

There is also a significant difference in cost.  The R-22 refrigerant is substantially more than the R-410A.  With that being said, if you have an older air conditioning unit that requires R-22 and is low on refrigerant, you would most likely be better off replacing the unit than having to add several pounds of R-22.

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