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Don’t just survive Cleveland’s winters—thrive!

Everyone who lives in Northeast Ohio knows just how unforgiving the winters here can be. From feet of snow to months of below-freezing temperatures, we experience it all. As such, Greater Cleveland heating systems get a lot of use; in fact, heating accounts for nearly half of the average household’s annual utility expenses.

Heating technology for every household

Your residence or business most likely uses one of the following two most common heating systems:

  • Furnaces: A forced-air furnace works by blowing heated air through ducts delivering warm air to rooms throughout the house. Furnaces can be powered by electricity, natural gas, or fuel oil. If you’re looking for a furnace installation company in Cleveland, give us a call and we would be happy to come out and give you a free quote.
  • Boilers: Boiler systems heat and pump water throughout the building via a series of pipes and radiators, baseboard convectors, or other devices; cooled water then returns to the boiler and is reheated, repeating the cycle and ultimately heating the interior. Boilers run on natural gas, propane, or electricity. If you are ready to talk to Cleveland’s best boiler installation company, please contact us and we will be in touch shortly.

Other less common heating systems in Northeast Ohio include heat pumps, ductless mini-split heating, active solar heating, geothermal heating, electric heating, and fireplaces.

What should I look for in a Cleveland heating professional?

There is a lot riding on your heating system, including the comfort of your family and your wallet. That is why you need to carefully consider the qualifications of any Cleveland heating company before you hire them. An ideal heating contractor will be: licensed, bonded, and insured; well regarded in the community; experienced in all types of heating systems; and committed to providing superior customer service. We are proud to say that Verne & Ellsworth Hann meets all these criteria and many more!

Call on Verne & Ellsworth Hann for all your heating needs

At Verne & Ellsworth Hann, we believe that everyone in Northeast Ohio deserves a warm, comfortable, and safe home without overspending for their heating system. That is why we offer comprehensive installation, maintenance, and repair for any type of home heating system, including furnaces, boilers, radiators, and ductless mini-split heating. Families throughout Greater Cleveland have trusted the Hann family for generations when their home’s furnace or boiler failed unexpectedly; see for yourself what sets Verne & Ellsworth Hann apart from the crowd!

Contact Verne & Ellsworth Hann’s dedicated team of heating professionals today for Cleveland furnace and boiler installation, maintenance, or repair services at affordable prices.

What People Are Saying

  • From start to finish their work has met/exceeded our highest expectations.   Bill Hann guided us through what needed to be done and his workmen were extremely competent and easy to communicate with.  The new system works beautifully.  Thank you!  We highly recommend Verne & Ellsworth Hann.

    - Rose B.( Geauga County, Unico Air Conditioning Installation May 2017 )
  • Verne & Ellsworth Hann has gone above and beyond for us repeatedly including giving us two salvaged cast iron radiators when our existing ones were not doing the trick.  They came back countless times when we were unable to regulate the temperature in the house until they found the perfect balance.  They’ve responded to emergencies in a matter of minutes and performed invaluable services professionally and expertly.  I cannot recommend Verne & Ellsworth Hann enough and will continue to use them and trust them with all of our home needs.  They are fantastic.

    - Tatiana D.( Cleveland Heights, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Service )
  • The installers were very professional.  The workmanship looks excellent.  They answered the few questions I had, and the job went smoothly.  I am very pleased.

    - Kathleen C.( Cleveland Heights, Boiler Installation March 2017 )
  • Verne & Ellsworth Hann cared about making sure I knew my options. I was given detailed explanations to my questions and did not feel pressured at all. The crew was kind and considerate and put drop cloths everywhere. You must do yourself a favor and choose to work with Verne & Ellsworth Hann, Inc.



    - Frank V., Painsville( Furnace & Air Conditioning Installation, March 2017 )
  • I really appreciate the amount of time Bill spent going over all our options.  The installers were great and the process was painless from start to finish!

    - David G.( Cleveland Heights, Boiler Installation February 2017 )